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TGMA Gauteng Members
For live interaction

-  Private and Government Schools

-  Housing and Golfing Residential Estates Managers

-  Local Municipalities

-  Maintenance, Construction and Contractor Companies

-  Landscapers, Architects and Garden Services

-  Golf Courses

-  9 Hole Chip and Putts

-  Driving ranges

-  Soccer Fields and Stadiums

-  Rugby Fields and Stadiums

-  Bowling Greens

-  Cricket Pitches

We now offer our membership to:

-  Horse Race Tracks

-  Hockey Fields

-  Polo Fields

-  Graveyards

-  Turf grass supplies Trade member
-  Any other Turf grass Manager or Associated Supplier.

Good reasons to join

Members may enrol in our Certified Training Courses to expand their knowledge and skills.

The courses are formulated to accommodate both the novice as well as experienced turf grass managers.

By completing the Certified Training Courses, members will gain recognized Professional status not only in their personal job environment, but also amongst turf grass managers at international level.

Being part of the Association, members will be able to interact, share and also gain invaluable knowledge from other highly experienced professional turf grass management on a casual, friendly basis. Members can seek help online with problems they have never encountered before.

Chances are more than likely that some member/s have experienced and overcome these problems in the past to the latest developments, etc.

TGMA is dedicated to serving its members, and advancing the profession of turf grass management on a national scale for golf courses, sports fields, public parks and any other applicable recreational areas.

TGMA members strive to be recognised by the turf industry as one of the key contributors in elevating course- and sports field turf maintenance.

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